3D / 4D Ultrasound Pictures

Parents come to Reveal Ultrasound Studio to check out baby’s detailed facial features in 3D, 4D and even in live HD! Take a look at these 3D and 4D ultrasound pictures to see what the fun and excitement of elective ultrasounds is all about.

18 weeks ultrasound

18 week ultrasound

At 18 weeks, your baby has mastered the art of yawning, along with hiccuping, which you may feel soon. You may catch a glimpse of that adorable yawn and all those other fetal movements at your ultrasound.
36 week ultrasound 3d/4d

36 Week Ultrasound

Some full face pictures may be harder to capture from 36-40 weeks, but if baby cooperates you can get a good idea of what baby will look like at his or her debut.
3d/4d ultrasound - 34 weeks

34 Week Ultrasound

At 34 weeks, baby is his or her own person now and you may be able to see baby's personality shine through during a 4D/HD ultrasound.
33 week ultrasound

33 Week Ultrasound

At 33 weeks, your baby enters his or her “finishing period”. Baby’s organ, skeleton, and body are formed but will need a little more time to finish getting ready to take on the world. By now, baby weighs a good 4 1/2 lbs and measures about 17 inches long. Baby’s toenails have completely grown in…
3d/4d ultrasound at 31 weeks

31 Week Ultrasound

At 31 weeks, more distinct facial features are visible on a 4D/HD image - you might see that your baby has your grandfather's nose or your husband's dimpled chin.
3d/4d ultrasound at 30 weeks

30 Week Ultrasound

At 30 weeks, with pouty lips and a tiny nose, baby will look much like he or she does right now at the time of birth which makes 30 weeks a great time to sneak a peek at your little cutie with 4D/HD ultrasound.
29 week ultrasound 3d/4d

29 Week Ultrasound

At 29 weeks, baby may open his or her eyes - or even give you a sour face during your 4D ultrasound.
28 week ultrasound

28 Week Ultrasound

At 28 weeks, baby's hearing is so well developed he or she will startle at loud noises. During this time, it is easier to coax baby into moving out of a bad position during a 4D/HD ultrasound.