3D / 4D Ultrasound Pictures

Parents come to Reveal Ultrasound Studio to check out baby’s detailed facial features in 3D, 4D and even in live HD! Take a look at these 3D and 4D ultrasound pictures to see what the fun and excitement of elective ultrasounds is all about.

28 week ultrasound

28 Week Ultrasound

At 28 weeks, baby's hearing is so well developed he or she will startle at loud noises. During this time, it is easier to coax baby into moving out of a bad position during a 4D/HD ultrasound.
27 week ultrasound

27 Week Ultrasound

At 27 weeks you are reaching the end of your second trimester. Sounds may still be muffled for baby, but he or she can begin to distinguish between a dog barking and the sound of your voice.
26 week ultrasound

26 Week Ultrasound

At 26 weeks your baby has passed the 14 inch mark and weight has climbed to nearly 2 lbs. More subtle developments are taking place, the most noticeable may be much stronger kicks. Baby's eyes are becoming more sense sensitive, his or her eyes will be opening for the first time and the next trick will be to learn how to blink.
22 week ultrasound

22 Week Ultrasound

At 22 weeks, baby is about the size of a coconut. Baby's eyes and lips are more developed and he or she is looking more like a newborn. Baby is a bit on the skinny side right now.
HD Live Ultrasound

HD Live Ultrasound, 15 Weeks

HD Live is the latest in ultrasound technology. The use of 3D / 4D imaging allows you to see a more realistic view of baby, and see smoother incredibly detailed and true-to-life features of baby. Take a look at these images.
15 week ultrasound

15 Week Ultrasound

Your 15 week ultrasound could bring baby's first smile. Baby's ears are nearly in position. Baby can make fists and point his or her toes, though most of the time these movements are reflexive.
14 week ultrasound

14 Week Ultrasound

At 14 weeks, we are able to predict gender at Reveal 3D/4D Ultrasound. Baby's eyes are still firmly shut and won't open until about 23 weeks. Baby's arms and legs continue to lengthen and he or she may move hundreds of times a day in baby's secure, thick walled womb.
14 Week Ultrasound - 3D 4D Images

Sweet 14 Week Baby Ultrasound

It is amazing how developed a 14 week old baby is! We can accurately predict gender at 14 week gestational age at Reveal 3D / 4D Ultrasound. See pictures.