Mobile Lab Services & Blood Draw At Home

Sometimes having a phlebotomy professional come to your home is easier and less stressful than visiting a lab or medical office. It’s easy to schedule an appointment, and the phlebotomist comes to your home or office, draws the blood sample and transports it back to the lab for analysis. 

Many individuals benefit from mobile lab services, for example, people restricted to the home, individuals who need regular blood testing, those with busy schedules, or parents whose children are uneasy about blood draws. Our friends at PediaLabs specialize in blood draws for children, and are certified autism specialists. However, they can do lab services for any age.

Mobile phlebotomy services are convenient, affordable and offer a high degree of privacy. Phlebotomy professionals ensure safety and professionalism throughout the procedure – from protective equipment for individuals and the specimen, proper equipment, and appropriate and accurate records.

Consider scheduling this mobile service next time you are in need of blood work or lab services.